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SnugTop Canopy Vs LEER: What Is Better?

Call Now buying car accessories, we have many options to choose from. When it comes to choosing a truck cap, you’ll want to find one that works best for your interests and fits your budget. Two of the most popular types of truck caps are SnugTop and LEER. In today’s blog post, we are going to take a look at which is better. Read on to learn more, and when you’re ready to purchase a SnugTop canopy or other truck accessories, shop Truck Builders and LINE-X of Lynnwood in Washington.

Price Point

One of the first things you are likely to consider when shopping for a truck cap is the price point. While you don’t want to purchase the cheapest cap out there, you want to make sure that you are getting the best value for your money. A quality truck cap isn’t cheap, but when you choose the right one, it’s worth the investment. 

SnugTop campers tend to come in a bit pricer than LEER caps. However, many SnugTop owners will tell you that they are worth the extra cost due to the quality and user experience. 

Water Resistant Sealing

The SnugTop canopy is fitted with four rubber gaskets between the bed rail and the shell. This prevents even a single drop of rain or water from entering inside. In addition, the shell overhangs the sides to allow a smooth water drain.

LEER also overhangs to the side but only slightly. This means that in the event that the screws become loose, there is a chance that water might drain onto the bed rails.


This particular feature is commonly what makes the SnugTop canopy the number one choice for truck caps. SnugTops offer a hard fiberglass shell with a resin-filled honeycomb and gel-coat for unmatched quality and durability. In addition to that, they have an aerodynamic design which contributes to fuel efficiency.

LEER caps are certainly nothing to scoff at. Made from fiberglass, these truck caps are also high-quality, they just tend to fall a bit beneath SnugTops, but so does their price. When it comes to choosing between the two on these two merits, it’s essential that you choose the one that fits your needs and your budget.

Special Features

Having several unique features that aren’t available from other toppers makes the SnugTop canopy stand out. They offer oversized sliding windows with both removable and sliding screens to help keep your cargo dry, which LEER doesn’t offer at all. SnugTop canopies also have a high-quality hinge on the back glass mounted with glass all around it. Additionally, SnugTop canopies are easily removable with the camper being connected with rubber seals and J-hooks. LEER caps also use a similar style hook, but each time it’s removed and installed, a foam tape has to be installed as well.

SnugTop Camper or LEER Cap?

Both SnugTops and LEER caps are well-known brands of truck caps. SnugTop tends to beat out LEER when it comes to quality and features. However, LEER caps tend to cost a bit less, so the choice is up to you. Whichever you choose, you should make sure that it fits your needs as well as your budget. 

You can find SnugTop canopies and other high-quality truck accessories at Truck Builders and LINE-X of Lynwood in Washington. Our experienced team can help you decide which truck cap is best for you. Browse our site and reach out to us to discuss truck caps.

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